Melting Point Apparatus


  • Simple to operate & durable with long service life.
  • User selectable temperature scale °C, °F, K.
  • Operating range up to 400°C, 753°F, 674K.
  • User Selectable plateau temperature giving great flexibility to user.
  • Ramp rates are user selectable from 0°C/min to 10°C/min, 1°F/min to 10°F/min, 1K/min to 10K/min.
  • Up to 2 samples can be inserted for melting point measurement simultaneously.
  • Temperature display on AlphaNumeric LCD (16 x 2).
  • Temperature Display Resolution : 0.1°C / 0.1°F / 0.1K.
  • All controls via a membrane keypad.
  • Buzzer ON/OFF & LCD ON/OFF user settable.
  • Automatic detection and indication in case of temperature sensor disconnection.
  • Extendable feet add to ergonomics.
  • Software tuned for accurate heating control.
  • Designed with safety, accuracy and ease of operation in mind making it ideal for use in education.
  • Calibration Menu Included.
  • CE compliant