High Power Programmable Power Supplies – Vsp Series


VSP Series of Programmable Power Supplies set a new standard for flexible, reliable AC to DC power systems in OEM, Industrial and Laboratory applications. These are designed with excellent thermal management and can be conveniently stacked in rack mounts without any space between them for ventilation. The zero Voltage soft-switching technique employed in them virtually eliminates the switching transients to derive lower noise, which is more closer to linear levels. This also helps increasing the overall conversion efficiency which in turn decreases the heat generation, thus reducing the stress on the power components which results in greater reliability.


  • Zero Voltage Soft Switching Technique, Low Ripple and Noise.
  • Use of Reliable Digital Encoder for Voltage and Current Setting.
  • Micro Controller for Digital Programming.
  • Constant Voltage / Constant Current Mode with Auto Mode Crossover.
  • LabView and LabWindow Drivers.
  • Active Power Factor Correction at the Input with Wide Input Window.
  • Three Digit Seven Segment LED Display for Voltage and Current Read Back.
  • Standard 19″ Rack Mount Suitable for ATE and OEM Applications.
  • Parallel Operation with Active Current Sharing.
  • Wide Choice of Interface RS232, RS485, GPIB for External Programming.
  • Isolated Analog Programming and Monitoring Surface.
  • Optional Ethernet Interface Card-kit.