APLAB offers a range of Static Transfer Switch (STS) panels to ensure redundancy in power for critical loads. This unit monitors two input sources continuously, out of which one source will normally feed the critical loads. In case of failure of this input source, the STS will automatically transfer the critical loads to the other input source. The user can also perform transfer from one source to another using the manual transfer switch.
    Static Transfer Switch
The main functions of the STS unit are as follows :
   Increased Power Quality
   Increased Noise Reduction
   Power Blackout Protection
   Power Redundancy
   Automatic Static Switching
   Remote Monitoring of Input Power Sources
   Easy Static and Mechanical Transfer between Separate Input Sources
   Remote Management of Power Events
   Power Event Logging
Therefore inclusion of APLAB Static Transfer Switches (STS) in an energy distribution system provides secure protection against any possible faults in the AC power system. STS permits switching between two independent AC Power Supplies (SOURCE 1 and SOURCE 2) without shutting down the critical load connected to its output.
APLAB STS is a microprocessor controlled transfer switch, designed for automatic and manual switching between two AC power sources, with transfer time less than 2 milliseconds with synchronized sources and less than 12 milliseconds for unsynchronized sources.
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