Ultimate Reliability - for your precious and critical equipment.

Maximum Overload Capability - no need for oversized UPS to handle heavy start up loads.
Total Rated Power - at ambient as high as 50°C.
Complete Isolation - of load for maximum protection.
Man-Machine Interface - user friendly Display and controls.
State of the Art Technology - PWM based technique using IGBT.
High Power Density - upto 2000VA/Cft.

Smallest Footprint - and quiet operation, ideal for computer environment.
True On-line - precise sine wave system.
Highest Crest Factor - handling capability upto 5:1.

High Efficiency - means lower running cost, Cold Start - starting with only batteries.

Aplab 2KVA to 7.5KVA UPS

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The RHINO-Series is an immensely reliable Power Protection Solution to cater to highly abnormal power environment, offering benefits beyond expectations.
The systems are designed for highest reliability standards and imaginatively engineered for effective thermal management, as well as to provide top quality power with unbelievable MTBF figure. The construction is as rugged as a Rhino, the nature’s magnificent creation.
It has been designed taking into account the ever-changing needs of Information Technology, Telecom, Medical and Industrial applications. The innovative high frequency digital PWM technology offers top quality power and reduces cost of operation, transit, and installation.
MODEL R1020 R1020 R1050 R1075
Output KVA 2.0KVA/1.4KW 3.0KVA/2.1KW 5.0KVA/3.5KW 7.5KVA/5.2KW