UPS System 2KVA to 7.5KVA Rhino Series
            Rhino Series - 2KVA to 7.5KVA This series has been introduced by adopting various proven techniques implemented till date and is an immensely reliable, field proven system. The Rhino series caters to the needs of today’s new technological advancement in Information technology, Telecom, Medical and Industrial segments. The Rhino series stands by its name as a rugged, but effective solution to your power problems. The systems offer complete isolation of load for maximum protection and have the highest overload capability to handle heavy start up loads. The series also boasts of the Industry’s highest MTBF figure.

ATUT Network UPS Series - 1KVA to 6KVA
     Aplab ATUT Series UPS range is an advanced true online microprocessor controlled, uninterrupted power supply system specifically designed to address the Information Technology segment for providing solutions to their power needs. ATUT is armed with software, which monitors the network devices and provides sequential shutdown in correct order. Generator compatibility assures smooth operation at remote locations and the multiple protection features like Input over voltage, frequency variation, and current limit protection, along with overload, short-circuit, over temperature and surge protection, ensure load safety.
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