EVEREST Series, Mid Range - 10KVA to 80KVA (3PH-3PH)
True On-Line Technology. 3 Phase in - 3 Phase out.

State of the Art IGBT & PWM Technology
Double Conversion Technology with High Efficiency
‘Power Save’ Operation with ‘Eco-Mode’ Configuration
Power Factor Correction
Low Input Current Distortion - Green Mode
Reliability of the Battery Ensured by Intelligent ‘Neo-Charger’
Redundancy Guaranteed by ‘True Share’ Parallel Systems
Incredibly Compact in Size and Light in Weight
Built-in Battery upto 30KVA (Option)
Expandable and Variable Battery Banks
Computer Network Communication with Full SNMP Access
Built-in Maintenance and Zero Delay Static By-pass
Total Galvanic Isolation between Input and Output
Aplab 10KVA to 80KVA UPS
EVEREST UPS System is designed to provide the most suitable Features and Characteristics :
  Wide Input Voltage Tolerances
  High Power Factor
  High Performance When Supplying Non-linear Loads
  Parallel Systems for Redundancy and Field Upgrade of Power Capacity
  Very High Efficiency
  Compact Size
  Very Low Acoustic Noise
  Low Heat Dissipation-losses
  Low Running Costs: High Efficiency and Eco-mode Function
  Reliability & Long Life of the Battery Ensured by ‘Neo-Charger’
EO 310
EO 315
EO 320
EO 330
EO 340
EO 360
EO 380
Output KVA