EVEREST-EX Series, Extra High Range - 400KVA to 800KVA
True On-Line Technology. 3 Phase in - 3 Phase out.

True On-line Double Conversion Technology                        
High Efficiency >94%
Built-in Maintenance and Automatic By-pass
State of the Art IGBT based PWM Technology

Capacity Enhancement and Redundancy Guaranteed by Parallel Systems
Galvanic Isolation and/or Modification for Special Voltages
Expandable and Variable Battery Banks

Communication with Computer and Network Systems and SNMP Solutions
Continuous Monitoring via Tele Service
12 pulse Rectifier Option
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True on-line, double conversion technology of EVEREST-EX ensures trouble free, reliable operation and protects valuable and critical equipment load by maintaining precise and pure sinusoidal output. Rugged IGBT based PWM technology provides high current capability and protects the system against high instantaneous overload that improves the reliability even more. The IGBT power devices, combined with numeric command by micro-controllers, means we can meet our user’s most demanding requirements such as :
  Supply Continuous Power to Non-linear Loads
  Improve the Reliability of Both the UPS and It's Battery
  Facilitate Smooth Operation and Serviceability
  Reduce Size and Sound Level
  Highly Efficient Operation Reducing Running Costs
MODEL EX400 EX500 EX600 EX800
Output KVA 400 500 600 800