1.5GHz / 2.2GHz / 3.0GHz Spectrum Analyzers - SA3000 Series
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 All-digital IF technology
 Frequency Range: 9kHz to 1.5GHz / 2.2GHz / 3GHz
 DNAL: -140dBm Typ.
 Phase Noise: -80dBc / Hz (10kHz offset)
 Amplitude Resolution: ±1.0dB
 RBW: 10Hz to 1MHz, step 1-3-10
 Standard EMI Filter
 Quasi-Peak Detector
 Channel Power / Adjacent Channel Power / Occupied Bandwidth Measurement
 Tracking Generator
 USB Host, USB Device, LAN, RS232

1GHz Spectrum Analyzer - Model SA3011  Download Catalogue
APLAB Spectrum Analyzer can be used to observe and analyze wide variety of signals right upto 1050MHz. Test different types of communication equipment. Test mobile handsets, cord-less phones, AM/FM transmitters and receivers. Test Cable TV levels and frequency response. Test Master Antenna TV systems. Measure communications transmitter spurious radiation. Locate sources of EMI. Measure unwanted RF radiation.
1GHz Spectrum Analyzer