5 / 10 / 20 MHz Multiwaveform Arbitrary Signal Generator - MASG Series  Download Catalogue
 Economic and Light Weight
 Dual Output with Same Characteristic

 1µHz Frequency Resolution
 11 Built-in Waveforms and 5 User defined Arbitrary Waveforms
 AM, FM, PM, PWM, FSK Modulation, Frequency Sweep and Burst Function
 Built-in 100MHz Frequency Counter
 Arbitrary Waveform Editing PC Software
 USB Host, USB Device

1 / 2 / 3 MHz Multi-Waveform Signal Generator -
 Download Catalogue
 Wide Frequency Range  
Sine, Triangle, Square, Ramp, Pulse, TTL (Sync) & DC Outputs  
Low Distortion High Resolution on Low Frequency Output Attenuation upto 80dB  
 Variable DC Offset Control  
 Four Digit digital Display with Frequency Indication in Hz, KHz, MHz / Amplitude display
1 / 2 / 3 MHz Multi-Waveform Signal Generator

3MHz Multi-Waveform Signal Generator with Modulation - MSGM3M  Download Catalogue
 0.3Hz to 3MHz Frequency Output in 8 Ranges
 Versatile Waveforms : Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse and DC Outputs 
 Standard AM, Balance AM, FM, ASK, FSK, PWM Modulation and Sweep Mode
 Internal / External Modulation
 20V p-p Output Level
 60dB Attenuation
 Variable DC Offset Control
 Low Distortion for Sine Waveform 1% typically
 Variable Symmetry for Generating Sawtooth and Pulse Waveforms

 4 Digits Display
 Dedicated Auxiliary Function Generator upto 20KHz

10MHz Multi-Waveform Signal Generator - MSG10M  Download Catalogue
 Sine, Triangle, Square Output Waveforms
 Easy Control of Generator Frequency
 Frequency Readout in Hz, KHz, MHz
 Output Attenuation upto 40dB
 Low Cost
10MHz Multi-Waveform Signal Generator

20MHz Pulse / Function Generator - Model 2019A
 Download Catalogue
 Versatile Waveform Generation for a Wide Range of Testing Application
 Wide Range of Frequencies from 0.0002Hz (i.e. 5000s) to 20M (i.e. 50ns)
 Choice of Eight Selectable Waveforms   
 All Outputs can Drive 50 ohms Terminations   
 Trigger and Gate Modes with Adjustable Start/Stop Control   
 Double-pulse Mode Available   
 Simultaneous Fixed Level TTL, TTL, ECL and ECL outputs   
 3 Digit Digital Indication for Frequency   
 20 Volts Peak to Peak Output   
 SYNC Out Facility   
  Accurate Frequency Setting Achieved with the Use of 10T Vernier Pot
20MHz Pulse / Function Generator