Frequency Selective Voltmeter - FSV-02  

Aplab Frequency Selective Voltmeter incorporates Digital Signal Processing based design to provide high accuracy and stability.  It is designed for level measurement of selected frequencies.  It also provides functionality of AC and DC voltage measurements.
The purpose of Frequency Selective Voltmeter FSV-02 is to make adjustments, control measurements and inspections on both audio frequency track circuits of types FTGS 46, FTGS 917 and GLS 9/15 and axle counters type AZS350, AZSM 350, AZS(M).  Its compactness and battery operation render the unit particularly suitable for portable applications in maintenance and for level measurement in communication systems.

* Selective Measurement Incorporating Digital Signal Processing
* Multi-Mode Support - FTGS / GLS / UNI Mode
* AC/DC Voltage Measurement
* Frequency Measurement
* Auto Ranging
* Battery Operated, Most Suitable for Field Operations
* Built-in Overload Protection
* LCD Display with Backlit Auto-OFF Facility
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