3.4GHz Universal Counter - Model 1120 / 1120X  Download Catalogue
  Low Cost & Portable
  Frequency Range of 10Hz to 3.4GHz (Typically 1Hz to 3.4GHz)
  High Stability Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator Time base (For 1120X only)
  External Oscillator Input Facility
  LO-PASS Filter for Noisy Low Frequency Signals
3.4GHz Universal Counter

1.3GHz Frequency Counter - Model 1122 / 1122X
 Download Catalogue
  Wide Frequency Range 0.2Hz to 1.3GHz
  2 Separate Channels for LOW & HIGH Frequencies
  High Sensitivity
  8 Digit Green LED Display
  Microcontroller based Advance Technology
  Optional RS232 Interface
  Reciprocal Counting Technique for High Resolution at Low Frequency
  Period Measurement
  Low Pass Filter for Noisy Low Frequency (<100KHz)
  4 Selectable Gates (10ms, 100ms, 1sec, 10sec)
1.3GHz Frequency Counter