300KHz Precision LCR Meter - Model 4300R  Download Catalogue
Aplab Precision LCR Meter Model 4300R is a new generation of impedance test equipment with high accuracy, wide measurement range and six digits resolution. Being featured with test frequency up to 300kHz, test voltage of 5mV ~ 2V, built-in -5V ~ 5V DC bias and -10V ~ 10V DC voltage source output, it can meet all requirements for measuring components and materials and provide guarantees for production line quality assurance, incoming inspection and laboratory precision measurements. The Handler, RS232C and GPIB interfaces as well as improved command system provided by the instrument make it easier to build the test system.

Autocompute LCR-Q Meter Sorter - Model 4912 / 4912PR  Download Catalogue
 Microprocessor based Fully Automatic L, C, R, Q and D measurement
 Autoranging with Direct Digital Readout
 4 Terminal Measurement Technique
 Series or Parallel Equivalent Measurement
 Absolute Value and Nominal Value with Percentage Tolerance
 Single / Multiple Parameters Check During Component Sorting
 Self Test Facility   
 Low Cost and Portable
 Aplab Model 4912PR is Remote Programmable Auto Compute LCR-Q Meter Sorter, which can be Programmed through GPIB, RS232 or SPIB Interface
Autocompute LCR-Q Meter Sorter

Autocompute LCR-Q Meter - Model 4910
 Download Catalogue
  Microprocessor based Fully Automatic L, C, R & Q Measurement
  Autoranging with Direct Digital Readout   
  4 Terminal Measurement Technique   
  Series or Parallel Equivalent Measurement   
  Special Input Terminal for Fast and Easy Insertion and Removal of Test
  Economical and Portable   
  Self Test Facility
Autocompute LCR-Q Meter

200KHz LCR Meter - Model MT4090  Download Catalogue
  Measurement Parameters : Z, Ls, Lp, Cs, Cp, DCR, ESR, D Q, and ø
  Test Conditions : 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz, 200KHz, 1Vrms, 250mVrms, 50mVrms, 1Vdc (DCR only)
  DMM Functionalities
  Dual LCD Display with LED Backlit
  Open / Short Calibration
  RS232 Interface Facility   
  Auto Range / Range Hold Selection
  Separate Display for Series & Parallel Measurements
200KHz LCR Meter