Track-Signal Test Meter - TRSIG-1
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  Selective Measurement Incorporating Digital Signal Processing
  Multi-Mode Supports Measurement & Inspection Mode / Multimeter Mode
  AC/DC Voltage Measurement
  Frequency Measurement
  Auto Ranging
  Battery Operated, Most Suitable for Field Operations
  Built-in Overload Protection
  Low Power Display with Backlit & Auto-OFF Facility

Transmission Measuring Set - Model 2031 / 2031A
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  Compact Two in One Instrument with Level Oscillator & Level Meter
  Selectable Spot Frequencies upto 4KHz
  Digital dB Meter to Measure Level from -60dBm to +20dBm
  Under / Over Range Indication
  Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  Lo-Batt Indication
  Easy to Operate, Light in Weight & Portable
Transmission Measuring Set

Digital Psophometer - Model 1072  Download Catalogue
  Extremely Sensitive and Accurate
  Weighted and Flat Frequency Response as per CCITT Standard
  Highly Stable Internal Calibration Signal
  Measurement of Metallic Noise, Longitudinal Noise, Level and  Transmission Loss Over a Transmission Line
  Operated on Mains / Internal Battery or on External 6V DC Source
  Built-in ‘Power Hum’ measurement facility
  Recorder Output Available
  I/P Impedance 600, 1120 ohms or Hi Selectable
  3½ Digit LCD Display
  Lo Battery’ Indication
Digital Psophometer

Selective Level Meter - Model SLM620  Download Catalogue
  Compact and Portable for Field Application
  Digital Synthesized Local Oscillator
  Two Selective Bandwidths : 20Hz, 3.1KHz
  Wideband, Low Noise and Low Distortion Measurements
  dB/dBm Operation
  High Frequency Stability
  Internal Calibration Facility
  Recorder Outputs
  Frequency Tracking Facility with Level Oscillator SLG620
  Storage of Nine Spot Frequencies
  Reference Level Set Facility
  Autotune Feature
Selective Level Meter

Return Loss, Impedance & Balance Measurement Accessory -
Model SLM620-1
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Measurement Accessory

Selective Level Generator - Model SLG620  Download Catalogue
  Digital Synthesized Oscillator
  High Frequency and Level Stability
  Frequency Tracking Facility with Level Meter SLM620
  Operated from AC Mains or Internal Rechargeable Battery
  Built in charger
  Alphanumeric LCD Display with Backlight
Selective Level Generator