Battery Capacity Analyzer - Model BCA6/12M  Download Catalogue
 Instant Measurement of energy stored in a storage battery
 Tests 6V or 12V Lead Acid Batteries from 2Ah to 100Ah Capacity
 Suitable for any SLA, GEL or Car Flooded Batteries
 Displays DC Voltage and Balance available Ah capacity of the battery
 Shows the Internal Resistance of the battery
 Powered by the Battery under test
 Micro-processor based digital control of entire testing process
 Specially designed 4-terminal probing Battery Clamp of 100A capacity
 Test simulates 20-Hr discharge test (C/20) with a few seconds
 Bright, back-lit LED Display for test process display
 On-screen User Guidance for testing on the built-in LCD Screen
 Easy to use, portable and robust housing in a custom extrusion