Distortion and Level Meter - Model 2007
APLAB's Distortion & Level Meter Model 2007 are versatile instruments useful for testing audio & communication equipments. Harmonic distortion is one of many types of distortions created in audio and communication equipments. Harmonic related frequencies caused by non linear elements in amplifiers, create a poor distorted signal to the listener. Aplab's Distortion & Level Meter Model 2007 help to measure the total of this distorted frequency components present in the signal, quickly and very easily in a frequency range of 30Hz to 300KHz. Thus it is used as an ideal test equipment in electronics labs & in production test setup. It can also be used as an AC voltmeter for general purpose voltage & gain measurements over a wide range of level & frequency.
Distortion and Level Meter

3MHz AC Millivoltmeter - Model 5002
  Wide Freq. Range : From 20Hz to 3MHz   
  High Sensitivity 1mV FSD
  Wide Voltage Range from 1mV to 300V Full Scale   
  Internal Calibrating Signal Facility   
  Built-in Amplifier can be used Separately
  Protected Against Overloads   
  Independent of Mains Voltage Variation
3MHz AC Millivoltmeter

Output Power Meter - Model 2018
  Power Measurement upto 150 Watts   
  Frequency Range 20Hz to 20KHz   
  Power Indication in Watts and dB   
  Choice of Twelve Standard Load impedances   
  Thermal Shut Down for Overheat Protection
Output Power Meter

AC Millivoltmeter - Model ACMV32
Aplab Digital AC Millivolt Meter Model ACMV32 is a wide range two channel (dual inputs) AC millivoltmeter with dual VFD digital display and RS232 connectivity. It measures AC voltages from 50μV to 300V rms of sine wave signal frequencies between 5Hz to 3MHz. It has a manual / Auto range selection. It also measures voltages in dBV and dBm. It has floating Input. Very useful for wide applications in measurements in R&D labs, College Labs, Navigation, Communications, Private Industries and Scientific Institutions etc.
AC Millivoltmeter