SunSine - Solar Power Generating System  Download Catalogue
The SUNSINE system is a pure sine wave, high efficiency, solar upgradeable system. All of Aplab’s SunSine home UPS systems are solar ready!   The unique solar-ready feature allows the system to be upgraded to a solar power generating system at any point in the future. Customers can leverage the dropping Solar PV panel prices now, or wait for further drops in price in the future. SUNSINE's high system efficiency also means longer back-up power availability or smaller battery capacities required.

PV Panel / Solar Array Simulator - SAS120/10
Aplab SAS120/10 Modular Solar Array Simulator is a programmable DC Power Source that simulates output characteristics of a solar array. Model SAS120/10 is primarily a current source with very low output capacitance and is capable of simulating I-V curve of solar arrays under different conditions like temperature, irradiance etc. SAS is supported with intelligent front-end software that simulates any curve with Voc, Isc, Vmp, Imp parameters or manually programmed points.
Solar Array Simulator

MITRAMAX Solar Power Station
MITRAMAX™ Solar PV Power Station from APLAB is your own God given Green Renewable Energy Source. It is a high-tech, rugged and dependable Solar Power Station consisting of multiples of MITRAMAX™ Panel Modules in parallel. MITRAMAX™ Solar PV Panel Modules with a regulated DC output of 220V are used in case of all SPS ratings. This power from Sun can be stored in batteries or directly fed into SPS Inverter to derive the required AC Power for your use. The Energy stored in the batteries can provide the required back up time during non-solar hours.
MITRAMAX Solar Power Station

Intelligent Energy Controller - IEC
(Add-on Module for PV Panel Energy Optimizer)
IEC helps full enhancement of the throughput of Photo Voltaic Systems
Maximizes Solar Array Energy Harvest from Every Panel
Maximizes Return-On-Investment, ROI
Simple All Parallel Array Matrix with a Single Bus Bar
Eliminates Combiner Boxes and Cable Drops
       Intelligent Energy Controller