Technical Support 500w Switch Mode Power Supplies – Sm500 Series


Thru’ MCB for each SMPS.

Technical Specifications
Type Redundant SMPS modules (2 units) in a single rack.

Model No. Model No.
Input Voltage 230V AC ±10% 50Hz ± 3%.
Output Voltage Adjustable voltage : From 24V DC to 27V DC.
Continuous output at full load.
Current Current
Output Ripple Output Ripple
Output Ripple Better than 1V for complete input voltage range.
Load Regulation Better than 1V for load variation from 10-100%
Output Voltage Drift Less than 0.2% of set voltage after warm-up.
Display Single 3 digit digital meter for output voltage and current with a switch for selection.
Protection Circuits Input over current protection thru’ MCB.
Overload/ short circuit protection.
Output over voltage.
SMPS over temperature protection.
LED Indications AC Input Power on.
Output present.
Output over voltage.
Output overload/ short circuit.
Termination All termination on front panel.
Dimensions 3U size (module) size.
Less than 400 mm.
Mounting Two nos. plug in type modules in one 19” rack.
19” (W) x 400 mm (D) x 177 mm (H).
Cooling Forced air cooling with one fan for each SMPS.
Output Voltage Adjustment Through front panel with adjustability range from 24V to 27V DC.
Failure Contact 1 N/O contact with 30V DC, 3A rating for each SMPS.
Input Isolation