Powered Breadboard – Model BB-101


The BB-101 is a durable powered breadboard capable of being used to design a multitude of analog, digital, logic and microcomputer circuits. The BB-101’s on-board power supply eliminates the need for an external supply, adding more versatility to circuit design and experiments, as well as saving valuable bench space by eliminating the need for an external prototyping power supply. Due to its ample sized breadboarding area, the BB-101 is ideally suited to allow for the breadboarding of virtually any type of circuitry, from TTL, CMOS and ECL, to op-amps, audio, comparators, video amps, microprocessors components, phase locks and more. The BB-101’s breadboarding area is comprised of “Premium” solderless breadboards. Aplab powered breadboards are an important part of the necessary tools required to enable engineers and technicians to train for careers in the rapidly growing field of electronics technology.