Dual Channel Powerscope – Model 3305P


Aplab Model 3305P is a dual channel Power scope. Two independent channels with differential input permit the floating measurement from the two points in a circuit without reference to the ground. This allows oscilloscope to be safely grounded without the use of opto-isolator or isolating transformer. When not used as powerscope, it can work as full fledged 2 channel oscilloscope with 5mV/div sensitivity on both the channels, giving full B.W. upto 20MHz for the purpose of general use.

  • Two Independant channels with Differential Inputs
  • Alt or Chop at 100KHz
  • Max I/P ±1000V dc or 660V ac rms
  • 40ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base
  • 140mm rectangular CRT with Internal Graticule
  • Triggering to 30MHz
  • Z modulation