DC Lab Power Supplies


Research laboratories demand power supplies that are safe to use, rugged in construction and reliable in operation. Our “Tough” series Single and Multiple output DC Power supplies are designed specifically to meet these requirements as per the International Safety Standards for Laboratory, Industrial or Educational application. Our Tough Series power supply provides low ripple, high regulation and increased stability.

  • Fully Metallic Construction to Stop Radiated EMI
  • Compact & Rugged Design
  • DC Output ON/OFF On Each Main Output
  • Voltage & Current Output Preset Facility for Safety
  • Constant Voltage / Constant Current Mode
  • 3 Digit DPM V and A
  • High Stability & Close Regulation ±0.01% +3mV
  • Low Ripple <1mV rms
  • Overload Protection
  • Convection Cooled – No Fans
  • Meets International Safety Standards