5 in 1 Testlab – Model 3744


  • Low Cost Solutions to Diverse Test and Measuring Requirements in the Laboratory.
  • Comprises of Several Instruments in One Package Dual Trace Oscilloscope, Component Tester/Comparator, Triple Output DC Power Source, Frequency Counter and Function Generator.
  • Oscilloscope with dc to 30MHz Bandwidth and 1 mv/div Sensitivity on Both Channels.
  • 140mm Rectangular CRT and 8 x 10 cm. Display with Internal Graticule
  • 40ns/div to 0.2s/div Time Base.
  • Z Modulation (TTL Level).
  • X-Y Operation.
  • TV Triggering Frame (V) & Line (H).
  • LINE Trigger.
  • Component Tester / Comparator for Quick Evaluation of Component Characteristics.