3.4GHz Universal Counter – Model 1120 / 1120X


The instrument front panel layout & colour bands provide easy understanding of the controls. The frequency mode has two inputs Band I & Band II. Input Band I, has a selectable LO-PASS FILTER to eliminate HF noise in LF signals. Frequency is displayed directly in Hz, KHz & MHz. Period & Time Interval can be measured directly in the 1 Avg. position or averaged over upto 107 cycles. Period & Time interval measurements are displayed in sec, ms, μs & ns. Frequency ratio A ÷ B enables the user to get a direct reading with a different references & may also be used to measure scaling ratios of programmable dividers. The TOTALIZE is a unit counter used for totalizing input pulses. No external triggering of input signal is required. The eight gate times are selected by the RANGE switch. The HOLD switch pressed once, ‘holds’ the present reading until hold is de-selected (HOLD switch pressed again). Reset when pressed, clears the display to all zeros and initiates a new measurement cycle. Int 10MHz osc out is available at rear panel also we can feed more stable external oscillator, if one is available.