10MHz Pulse Generator – Model 2114


Aplab Pulse Generator Model 2114 is specifically designed to include only
the basic facilities of a Pulse Generator in order to make it handy and easy
to operate unit. It offers pulse repetition rate from 1Hz to 10MHz with rise & fall
time < 10nsec, pulse width from 50nsec to 50msec & pulse amplitude from
0.5V to 5V across 50 ohm. Provision for external triggering and monopulse
generation is also done. The x’tal mode gives accurate eight spot frequencies
derived from 10MHz crystal source.

The Instrument is packaged in a portable, slim & elegant cabinet.

  • Variable Pulse Width
  • Low Rise & Fall Time
  • Fast Rep. Rate upto 10MHz
  • X’tal Outputs – Eight Spots
  • Manual Triggering Facility