From the beginning, Aplab has embraced a total value philosophy, in which lower product cost does not compromise quality or superior customer relations. The company not only responds rapidly to customer needs, but it also carefully listens to consumers to better anticipate their future requirements.
The products driving the company’s dynamic growth in high performance technology include : 
UPS Systems, Solar Power Systems, DC Power Supplies, Test & Measurement Instruments and Banking & Retail Automation Products.
Growth is driven not only by demand, but also by the introduction of new technologies setting in motion a new revolution in high tech electronics. The Aplab business model is the bridge between the present and future with new technologies that are reliable, affordable and quick to market. With this philosophy, Aplab is poised to become a leading global brand for electronics technologies and products. The company is moving aggressively ahead and further securing its already well-established leadership role in high tech electronics.