Digital Output AC/DC Power Supply, 0-25V/5A - Model Z2505D
Aplab Model Z2505D is a rugged general purpose AC/DC power supply with variable outputs of 0-25 Volts @ 5 amps with digital LED (Green) displays for motoring both voltage and current outputs. This unique power supply is a low-cost, spacesaving solution for applications requiring both AC/DC voltages. The Z2505D is specifically designed for educational usage, prototyping, and covers a wide range of circuit testing applications. This simple AC/DC power source can be used to demonstrate the concept of alternating and non-alternating voltages. It can also be used for simple experiments using lamps, resistances, etc. The unit has been provided with voltmeter and ammeter for AC/DC voltage and current readings.
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AC/DC 1-12V/6A Bench Power Supplies - Model PS126
Model PS126 is a simple to use source of power for students in their experiments in Electrical Labs. The Power Supply delivers both AC and DC voltage upto 12 Volts in steps of 1 Volt. The external load can draw upto 6 Amperes from either AC or DC terminal. The output is also protected against short circuit with a resettable overload Thermal Trip.  PS126 is delivered in two styles. Model PS126S has a rotary switch for the voltage selection whereas PS126T has a facility to choose desired voltage with a plug-in arrangement for tap selection. PS126 is ideally suited for use in school and is designed to be safe and rugged to withstand handling by the students.
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