International Series Single, Dual or Triple Outputs -5V, 12V, 12W upto 200W
(Minimum Order Qty. 25 Nos. in each type)

 Input Voltage Options for All Countries
 Industry Standard Sizes and Mounting
 12 Hours Burn-in
 Approved to UL1950, EN60950 and IEC-950, UL-FILE E192398
 Meets CISPER 22 Class B conducted emission limits
 Approved to CE LVD
 VDE Transformer Construction
Open Frame Linear Power Supplies
The Global Standard series open frame linear power supplies are characterized by professional design and ruggedized construction. With input line voltage of 100 / 120 / 220 / 230 / 240V AC ±10% at 50 or 60Hz, these supplies can be used worldwide.
The power transformer is designed with enclosed split bobbin construction and creep age distances as per VDE0730 requirements. The units have 3750V AC isolation. The global standard series are high efficiency conservatively designed units which undergo 12 hours burn-in tests before shipment. Efficiencies of over 60% reduce heat dissipation, thereby ensuring long operating life.
Standard models are listed in Table. However special versions can be offered with output voltages between 2V and 32V DC and power output from 15 Watts to 150 Watts.
Technical Specifications
All specifications typical at nominal line, full load and 25ºC unless otherwise noted.
 Output Voltage and Current  See Selection Guide.
 Output Voltage Adjustment  Range  ±5%.
 Load Regulation  NL to FL : ±0.05% max.
 Line Regulation  ±10%.
 Input Change  ±0.05% max.
 Output Ripple  1mV rms max., 3mV p-p.
 Temperature Coefficient  0.01% per ºC.
 Transient Response,
 50% FL Change
 50µsec max.
 Stability, 8 hours,
 after warm-up
 Short Circuit Protection  Foldback current limiting automatic recovery.
 Overvoltage Protection  Crowbar, on 5V output (set at 6.2V ±0.4V optional for other outputs).
 Remote Sensing  Standard on all outputs (on main output, upto 0.5V drop. Open  sense-lead protection built-in).
 Reverse Voltage Protection  Standard.