19” 3U Plug-in Module
Compact 80KHz Switch Mode Technology
Designed to Meet VDE0878 / EN55022-B
24, 48, 60, 110, 220V DC Model
Output DC upto 6KW Through External Parallel Operation
Auto-sharing Parallel Operation
1KW Switch Mode Power Supplies - SM1000 Series
 Technical Specifications
 Input Voltage  185 - 264V AC, 45 - 65 Hz.
 Spikes EMV Burst  VDE 0843 / IEC801-V-3-3
 VDE 0843 / IEC801-IV-3-2.
 Inrush Current  NTC 7 ohm 10A.
 Power Factor  0.75 typ.
 Crest Factor  2.5 typ.
 No Load Current  0.25A typical / 185V.
 Current Nom. Load  10A typical / 185V.
 Hold-up Time  20ms typical / 230V.
 RFI  VDE 0878 / EN55022 - “B”.
 Output  Decoupled by diode, no load protected, OCP and OVP.
 Voltage  Adjustable on front panel.
 PSI24 23-28V DC (Fixed 24V)
 PSI36 34-42V DC (Fixed 36V)
 PSI48 46-56V DC (Fixed 48V)
 PSI60 58-70V DC (Fixed 60V)
 PSI110 100-130V DC (Fixed 110V)
 PSI220 200-260V DC (Fixed 220V).
 Current  Adjustable on top cover
 PSI24 30-40A (Fixed 40A)
 PSI36 20-25VA (Fixed 25A)
 PSI48 15-20A (Fixed 20A)
 PSI60 12-16A (Fixed 16A)
 PSI110 7-9A (Fixed 9A)
 PSI220 3-4.5A (Fixed 4.5A).
 Output Characteristic  UI / CV, CC.
 Voltage Regulation  Stat ±2% or ±1V.
 Dyn. ±4% 10-100% load.
 Current Regulation  ±5% nominal load.
 Ripple  <200mV s/s p-p
 <2mV psophometric.
 Recovery Time  1ms typ.
 Over Voltage Protection OVP  Electronic turn-off reset through push-button switch.
 Adjustable on front panel :
 PSI24 24-33V (Fixed 30V)
 PSI36 36-50V (Fixed 45V)
 PSI48 48-65V (Fixed 60V)
 PSI60 60-80V (Fixed 75V)
 PSI110 110-150V (Fixed 140V)
 PSI220 220-300V (Fixed 270V).
 Redundant Operation  Possible through built-in D-diode.
Over Temperature Protection  OTP  Turn-off reset through push-button switch.
 Parallel Operation  Possible, unlimited.
 Operation in Series  Possible with option U (cross diode).
 Auxiliary Voltage  24V DC (unregulated 20-28V DC), decoupling by diode and fused  300mA (only for internal use).
 Controls  a) Over voltage
 b) Over temperature
 c) Output voltage <85% nominal voltage.
 Indicators Operation  Elements
 a) LED green = normal operation
 b) LED red = OVP
 c) LED red = over temperature
 d) Reset : Reset push-button switch = over temperature, over voltage.
 e) Potentiometer : Output voltage adjustment.
 f) Potentiometer : Overvoltage protection adjustment.
 Controls Alarms  a) Anode of the built-in decoupling diode-maximum 0.1A capacity.
 b) Output voltage <85% of nominal voltage, measured at the anode of  the decoding diode.
 Alarm by potential-free change-over contact - rated to 220V / 1A / 40W.
 Boost Charging  Possible by options
 W = manual
 Z = electronic by a delayed reset
 PSI24 29V max.
 PSI36 43V max.
 PSI48 58V max.
 PSI60 72V max.
 PSI110 132V max.
 PSI220 264V max.
 (Resistor in sense line).
 Temperature Controlled  Output Characteristic
 Possible by option C, made by NTC in sense line.
 Operation Temperature  -10ºC to +60ºC.
 Derating  Above +40ºC at 2.5% / ºC.
 Storage Temperature  -20ºC to +70ºC.
 Humidity Cooling  90% without condensation by temperature controlled DC-fan suction  through replaceable air filters on front panel exhaust on the rear.
 Switching Frequency  Approx. 80KHz.
 Electrical Construction  VDE 0160 / VDE 0804 / VDE 0805 protection class 1.
 Isolation  Input against everything 3500V DC.
 Output against everything 1400V DC.
 Output against output 700V DC.
 Creepage Distance  VDE 0110 6mm Input - output 4 mm case against everything.
 Air Distance  VDE 0110 6mm Input-output 4mm case against everything.
 Mechanical Construction  19” sub unit = 3 units high, 325 mm deep (incl. plug behind front panel).
 Front panel = 129 mm high, 42TE = 213 mm wide.
 Connector  Terminals acc. DIN 41612.
 Weight  Approx. 5 Kg.