Self Service Automatic Passbook Printer
 SSAPBP * Automated kiosk where in customer can print passbook on their own.
* No need to visit branch in working hours to print a passbook.
* Simple and convenient 24 x 7 passbook print facility.
* The kiosk automatically reads the account details from the magnetic strip of the Passbook, and fetches the account transaction to print on the passbook.
* Automatic page turning in forward and reverse direction.
* Automatic page and line number detection.
* Passbook retraction facility.
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Self Service Semi Automatic Passbook Printer
* Low cost passbook printing solution.
* Convenient 24 x 7 passbook printing.
* Use of existing passbooks in circulation
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Cheque Deposit Kiosk
Cheque Deposit Kiosk  * Convenient 24 X 7 cheque deposit facility.
* No need to stand in Queue or fill any deposit slip.
* Instant receipt of cheque deposit with clear Image of the cheque.
* Integration to Cheque Truncation System.
* Secure cheque collection box with lock and key.
* Cheques are stacked in serial order.
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Cash Deposit Kiosk
Cash Deposit Kiosk  * Convenient 24 X 7 cash deposit facility.
* UL 291 compliant safe.
* Wide angle motion and image camera.
* No need to stand in Queue or fill any deposit slip.
* Instant receipt of cash deposit with denomination wise details.
* Reliable fake note detection.
* Maintenance free design.
* High speed cheque processing at 10 notes per second.
* World wide proven and low maintenance cash deposit module.
* 100 note bunch acceptor with ESCROW.
* Serial number capture (SNR)
* Secure Metal cash deposit tray with lock & key and castors for easy movement.
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Multifunction Kiosk
Multifunction Kiosk  * Cheque Deposit Facility.
* Internet Banking Facility.
* Passbook Printing Facility.
* A4 Size Statement Printing Facility.
* Cash Less Transactions.
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Digital Signage System
 Digital Signage System Digital Signage System is used to promote/broadcast the products / contents. It basically use a media player and Bright LED screen to display content. Contents are pushed from central server to DSS and can be real time updates such as video, photos, ticker etc. These systems are designed to display high quality content to target audience or general public. It can be installed indoor or outdoor having high public footfall. These are industrial grade LED screens with attached media player also called as thin client to store content locally.
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