Leverage lower PV Solar panel costs with Aplab's SUNSINE Home UPS system.

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The SUNSINE system is a pure sine wave, high efficiency, solar upgradeable system. 
All of Aplab’s SunSine home UPS systems are solar ready! 
The unique solar-ready feature allows the system to be upgraded to a solar power generating system at any point in the future. Customers can leverage the dropping Solar PV panel prices now, or wait for further drops in price in the future. 
SUNSINE's high system efficiency also means longer back-up power availability or smaller battery capacities required.
The Solar upgrade package provides an all parallel PV solar solution; this allows the customer to add PV panels as their demand grows. Increasing PV solar capacity is a matter of simply attaching a couple of connectors in this unique solution.
The company has launched its 800 VA systems today, and plans to make available a 1600 VA system in a couple of months, and is looking for distributors globally.
For additional information please contact us at: hfinverter(at)aplab(dot)com