DDS Multiwaveform Signal Generator - Model DDS20
  • Specially Designed for Economical and High Performance Operation with Basic Necessary Functions  
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) Technology  
  • AM / FM / PM / PWM Modulation 
  • 20Vp-p Open Circuit Amplitude  
  • 20MHz Frequency  
  • Ergonomically Designed Front Panel and VFD Fluorescent Display for Ease of Visibility  
  • Standard USB Interface  
  • Wide Range AC Mains Power Input
DDS Multiwaveform Signal Generator

50MHz DDS Function Generator - Model DDS50
Based on direct Digital Synthesis Technology, also with the use of LSI, CPLD for waveform management, it gives high frequency stability output same as that of the internal crystal Oscillator for more accurate measurement. It gives more than 30 nos., of different waveform including sine, square, pulse, triangle, saw-tooth, TTL, AM, FM, PSK, BPSK, and burst sweep signal etc. It totally meets various kinds of test requirements. It is ideal test equipment for R&D engineers, in electronic laboratory, production line, education and scientific research.
50MHz DDS Function Generator

300MHz DDS Function Generator - Model DDS300
  • 300MHz Maximum Frequency
  • 1 ppm High Accuracy, Less Distortion
  • Double Independent Outputs
  • AM, FM, FSK, PSK Modulation
  • User can set accurate pulse width, burst signal as numbers
  • USB Device, RS-232
300MHz DDS Function Generator