Fully Automatic Van Mounted Cable Fault Locating System - CTV 2000  Download Catalogue

Aplab van mounted fault locating system is a powerful tool to localize underground cable fault of any nature in a short time. The system is a mobile laboratory having all the required instruments available to the operator. Apart from standard features of the system, specific requirements of customer such as air conditioning, Provision of gen-set etc. can also be provided. The new van mounted system is a total solution for fault location in any type of power cables.

Cable Test Van
The core technology is Advanced Arc Reflection Method, or Secondary Impulse Method (SIM), the system can detect all kind of cable fault including High Resistance, Low Resistance, Flash-over Fault, due to the 200MHz sampling rate with super accuracy and huge impulse energy. The system is PC controlled and run automatically, the pre-location accuracy is less than 0.4 meter or 0.1%.